Shitty week, Shitty semester.

    It’s Tuesday. It’s Tuesday and my week’s already dived into the shitty. I just got back the results of my arky midterm. It was shit, but it was entirely my fault. See I put off studying for this test because I had an ultra hard one in my strategy class. Which I also did shitty in. I hate all my classes this semester and two of my three profs. I’m taking this classes purely because of that academic bullshit universities pull so that you end up taking more classes and thus spending more money.

I have a doctors appointment on the 27th and I don’t want to go. It will be a painful experience even if surgery is not the outcome, though it likely is. My fucking tumor reacts to stress and my shitty semester is sending it into overdrive.

I’m so stressed that I’m breaking out. Like a teenager. I finally get out of that awful fucking teen acne shit and the stress of my classes fucking starts it again.

I miss my friends but I never see them because of distance and fucking school work for shitty courses I desperately need to pass.

The guy I was really really into is gone and no one really seems to understand why that makes me sad.

I’ve fucking gained back all the weight I lost during the summer and now I feel ugly and fat. With a stupid fucking bleeding eye to boot.

For the very first time in my life I hate school work, and it really hurts.

The fucking cunt next door to me plays his music too loud, too early in the morning.

I’ve cried more this semester then I think I have outside of family deaths.

I’ve met many many stupid judgemental people this year that I just wanna choke. That makes me feel judgemental and stupid which I hate.

I miss my family and my cat. I wanna just go home and forget about these stupid courses and this stupid fucking semester.

I feel stupid, judgemental, fat, lonely and broken down.


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Stupidest Price is Right Player Ever

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Whoosh! What was that? Oh, just August.

It’s been a while peeps, real life just kinda has a way of swallowing you up when you stop paying attention. Friday was my last day of work, which is a major relief to me. I loved the actual job, it was fantastic helping students write resumes and find jobs. Plus all my school supplies for next year were helpfully provided by the Government. That’s right Harper! Screw you and your efficiency in civil service! Seriously folks, his idea of efficiency is to meld every department into one giant bureaucratic nightmare.

However, as most of you know my boss for the summer was rather lacking logical thought processes. That’s all over now so it’s not worth anymore thought. It is however, worth some funny stories over wine and cards. Just a little warning, really lovin’ the poker now.
Oh I knitted myself some lovely slipper socks, multi-coloured of course. Make fun if you want, but they are very comfy and warm.


I’ve been bitten by the knitting bug, it’s just something to keep my hands occupied while I think. So far this summer I’ve knitted, a cat sweater (for my brother’s oriental…those things get cold with such short fur), and a small blanket to cover my laptop and save it from paw prints when closed (Tigger has discovered that processors generate heat). I’ve got more yarn, but I just don’t know what to do with it yet. Oh and I’m going to make a shawl for Mom for Christmas, but she doesn’t know that yet.

I’ve had some vision problems this summer (ie my shins are purple from bumping into things). Double vision is only funny for the first twenty minutes, so I finally broke down and went to an optometrist for a new prescription. The appointment went like this:


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I’ve had a startlingly revelation…Everyone working in Advising is incompetent.

Yesterday I went skipped out on work and went to Victoria with my mom. The whole point of the day was to go over and declare my major.The day started off well, I was a little late getting started but we made our ferry. Mom also got a little lost, disproving the theory that one cannot get lost on an island.

My appointment to declare was scheduled for one o’clock. So I showed up at 12:45 and waited 25 minutes for a counsellor to see me. She escorted me to a little office and confirmed that I was declaring in Anthropology. Then I signed one lonely little piece of paper and that was it. I’ve been declared an Anthropology major in the faculty of Social Sciences.

All good so far right? Then the PADRE report is pulled out so she can tell me what needs to be completed in my degree. Turns out that women who told me over the phone that I was set to graduate this year shouldn’t have told me that. In fact, she only looked at my anthro requirements, not my filler shit. Turns out I need 10 more units of filler to graduate. FUCK.

If I wanted I could push it and do six courses each semester, this would tank my average though which is really really bad. I could take five each semester and then two in the summer. This, she told me, would mean I would still graduate this year but in the Fall. Can you say missed the point much? Fall graduations suck.

There are however many many good things about this delay. It gives me more time to connect with my profs and thus get good grad school referrals. Also I think I might be able to complete that minor I wanted as well. It seems to fit nicely, but I’ll have to confer with their adviser first. (That minor would look really good to graduate schools). Another positive is that I’ll be able to hang out with good friends for even longer now.

I’m gonna take this delay as a positive and try to think only of the things that I can now accomplish with this extra time. Travel WILL happen for me, I’m gonna be an anthropologist, it’s impossible to be a good anthrogeek without travel. All of this can only make me look better towards grad schools.

P.S. My office closed to the public last Friday and now it’s just one more week before I’m done for the summer!

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Moving Day Countdown

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General family dickishness, some shopping and irrate postal workers.

Sorry about not posting in a while. There’s been some family shit going down. Really shitty, actually. I’ll give you all the coles notes. My Grandpa is a huge asshole who talks big shit. Hopefully, this is the last we’re going to be hearing from them. So other then family related assholieness (that’s a word….like truthiness), I’ve been doing some cool things.

I went to the Richmond night market with some of my friends from work. It’s this huge semi-legal market held on weekend nights in Richmond. If you want some obscure trinket from Asia they have it and for cheap. I bought some earrings (3 for $10), a little jewelry box for the dorm ($6) and this amazing necklace that I bartered down from $20 to just $15. I tried this Chinese food called eggballs. It’s kinda like little pancake balls, it actually tastes really good. Of course, calling it ‘eggballs’ really just underscores the fact that the Chinese enjoy weird names. I love the night market, it’s so much fun.

My boss got in a car accident right outside of work last week. A postal van backed into her as she was stopped in the parking lot. Loud crash and a half bumper later and my boss is screeching at a postal worker who’s giving as good as she gets. Looong story short it seems that my boss has injured her back. But not enough to stop wanting to work out. Oh, and she asked me if she should take the full pill of codeine when her doctor told her half with food. I work for a freaking genius people. Having taken an enormous amount of codeine in my lifetime I’ll break it down for those of you not so blessed. You take the little white pill with a meal, you feel really good…then sleepy…then nauseous. Then you take another one and you feel even more pleasant…sleepy and nauseous. So goes the cycle. But you feel no pain!

I’m getting new glasses soon. Judging by the increase the number of bruises on my shins I think my prescription has changed. My depth perception has changed and I seem to be bumping into many many inanimate objects. I’m actually kinda glad I’m living on the fourth floor next year, I can take the elevator downstairs now without funny looks.

I’m going to Victoria next Friday to declare my major, get textbooks and do some other general crap that just needs to be done. I figured it would be easier to clear up all these things before I get bogged down with school and all those other details.

Anyone who’s going to be going back to Victoria early should call me. My job ends August 18th so I’m free after that. Ciao Peeps!

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How long until Move In Day?

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